AACS Specialties *

  • Publications/Business Services and Cultural Interconnection
  • Assistance with Attending Conventions, Expos, Business Meetings, as well as Making Arrangements for Visits in Las Vegas
  • Guides for Places of Interest, Providing VIP Services
  • Court Interpretation and Translation of Legal Documents
  • Writing, Editing, Reviewing Services, and Language Services for Medical and Educational Institutions, Law Firms and Courts, Entertainment Companies, Cross-Cultural or Travel Agencies, and Individuals (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc.)

AACS Services

Consulting/Interpreting Services *

  • Business Meetings
  • Conferences, Negotiations, Instructions, Consultations
  • Exhibitor Booth Personnel
  • Writers, Editors, Reviewers, Interpreters, Models/Hosts, Bartenders, Waiters/Waitresses, Promoter
  • Legal Interpreters
  • Court Hearings / Trials, Depositions, Consultations
  • Phone Conversations/Conferences
  • DMV Testing
  • Citizenship Testing
  • Medical Appointments / Evaluations
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Conventions / City Tours

Publishing/Documentation/ *

Translation Services *

  • Publication, Writing, Editing, Reviewing
  • Web or Document Translation/Localization
  • Immigration Forms
    • Immigrant/non-Immigrant Petitions, Applications, Motions/Appeals, Alien’s Change of Address Card (AR-11), Affidavit of Support, Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery (Preparing, Translating of Pertinent Documentation, Assembling, Filing—NOT Attorney Services)
  • Legal Forms
    • Powers of Attorney, Divorce, Separation, Change of Name, Promissory Notes, Pre-Nuptial/Nuptial Agreements, Parental Authorizations/Consents, Business Contracts, Resumes, etc.
  • Notary Services/Apostilles
  • Passport Renewal
  • Citizenship Registration
  • Public Benefits
    • Disability, Social Security, Food Stamps, Medicare/Medicaid/ObamaCare, Energy Assistance, etc.
  • Business License Registration
  • Corporation Registration in Nevada
  • Foreign Diploma Evaluation
    • Converting a Foreign Credential into a U.S. Educational Equivalent for Immigration, Employment, or Further Education Purposes

Note: We complete necessary paperwork (translating, certifying copies, preparing applications), and submit it to a credential evaluation institution.

Travel Services *

  • Visas
  • Las Vegas Sightseeing Tours

Tutoring, Test Prep, Language Courses *

English, SAT, Asian Language Courses, DMV or Citizenship Testing, Educational Seminars





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