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Alicia Su Lozeron *

The Un-death of Me (4 Editions) Buy direct for a discounted price. *

Asian-American's Life

The Un-death of Me (Hardcover)

an immigrant woman

The Un-death of Me (Paperback)

The Un-death of Me

(Large Print, Paperback)

 The Un-death of Me




Asia-literacy and Global Competence: Collections and Recollections –Think Global Live Noble (Pre-order) Coming Soon on September 28, 2017! *

English Version                                               Chinese Version

A Man with Immense Love (Pre-order) *

The Un-death of Me (Translated Versions: Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish) *


Readers, please add the effects of the book on you to the existing list below.

Reading The Un-death of Me:

  • helps me overcome difficulties or fears and find beauty in positive human interactions;
  • helps me appreciate people of various backgrounds, and expand knowledge about the world;
  • helps me better interracial or blended family relations;
  • helps me savor intricate feelings and emotions about important subjects in life;
  • helps me gain enjoyment through poetic narrations;
  • helps me heighten a new perspective of hope, courage, and respect for others;
  • helps me raise awareness about cultural competence;
  • helps me nurture a well-rounded outlook;
  • motivates me to promote an open/just community;
  • urges me to develop ability to see the big picture using multiple frames of references;
  • helps me strengthen the ability to express genuine love;
  • helps me decrease conflict by learning to trust and resolve disagreements….

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Narrative Responsibilities (Pre-order) *

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